Tiny denies her Facebook post about TI 

Posted: 8:57 am Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

By djnailz

Tiny shook things up on Monday after a post showed up on a verified Facebook page under Tiny’s name that said she was “fed up” with T.I.. The post read, “When a woman’s fed up…For years I’ve been the one getting hurt, but now that a lil video done surfaced with me having a friendly dance, he’s mad???”

The video the post was referring to was of Tiny dancing with Floyd Mayweather at Mariah Carey’s Halloween Party this year. After seeing the video Tip posted a video of Kevin Hart joking about Mayweather. Back in 2014 the ATL rapper and Mayweather nearly fought in Las Vegas at a Burger spot on the Vegas strip.

After the post on the Facebook page linked to Tiny started circulating, the singer took to Twitter to deny that she wrote it. She told her followers, “Hey guys that Facebook page is not my page…it is fake.”

Check out her full message below.




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