Nicki Minaj Upsets fans when she teases mentally ill woman

Nicki Minaj Upsets fans when she teases mentally ill woman 

Posted: 6:38 am Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

By Estee

Nicki Minaj upset a lot of her fans and mental health advocates when she posted a video on her Instagram mocking a woman who is mentally ill.

In the clip, Minaj cracks on a woman who shouts into her car.

“What you said? Miss? C’mere,” she says before busting out laughing and asking, “What did I do? Can we talk?”

People began commenting that the woman featured in the clip is mentally ill.

One person wrote, “I live in south beach and i know every homeless [person] around. We have a loooot of those around and she has mental illness.”

Another wrote, “You talk about privilege when you don’t get an award you want, but then you use your wealth and fame to abuse this woman who’s less fortunate than you? Hypocritical.”

A third person wrote, “why was this necessary to be put up on social media? Not cool. You sit in your nice limo and roll your window down to make fun of the less fortunate. Mental illness is a real issue. You don’t make fun of someone who has cancer but it’s apparently cool to do it to someone who may be suffering from mental illness. Use your platform to encourage kindness.”

A rep for National Alliance of Mental Illness-Miami told Page Six, “Whether or not the woman in the video has a mental illness or other disability, Nicki Minaj’s unfortunate exchange with the elderly woman illustrates the importance for everyone to understand the nature of mental illness and its symptoms and the need for compassionate treatment.”