Posted: 7:59 am Monday, January 2nd, 2017

find out what the production crew was yelling as mariah was performing 

By Estee

Mariah and her team are convinced that the production team for Dick Clark’s  New Year’s Rockin’ Eve sabotaged her performance for ratings.

She claims she and her team repeatedly told production people the earpieces were not working, but they assured her it would be fine when she got onstage and performed. Obviously, they did not work.LOSS FOR WORDSABC

Our Mariah sources say that after the performance, people from Dick Clark Productions were “screaming’ about the malfunction, “I don’t care that her ears didn’t work. She could’ve just winged it.”

One Mariah source tells TMZ that she was begged to perform by Dick Clark Productions, so she decided to go there instead of her original plan. One source close to Carey said, “We could be in Aspen right now having the best time instead of being in dog s*** Times Square that smelled like a f****** sewer.”