Soulja boy almost beat down, and it wasn’t chris brown 

Posted: 6:19 am Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

By Estee

Chris Brown and Soulja Boy have been engaging in a ridiculous beef online, which apparently started because Soulja Boy flirted with Chris’ ex Karrueche on Instagram.  That set off an angry back-and-forth.

When Karrueche chimed in on the mess, Chris said she should shut up, because, “advice from [B-words] that had my [junk] in they mouth is really not informative.”  Stay classy, Chris.

Anyway, last night Soulja Boy was running around a street in Compton . . . acting like a tough guy . . . talking about how he was challenging Chris to a fight.  He was broadcasting the whole thing on Instagram Live, and it ended when he almost got BEAT DOWN by some other guy, after he put his arm around him.