Chris Brown Threatened Karrueche Tran’s BFF?

Chris Brown Threatened Karrueche Tran’s BFF? 

Posted: 6:44 am Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

By Estee

A week after Karrueche Tran obtained a temporary domestic violence restraining order against her ex chris Brown, he was ordered to also stay away from her best friend J.Ryan La Cour and two other pals.

He obtained the new order against Brown Tuesday. He said Brown had shown up unannounced multiple times, made threats and caused a scene. La Cour said Brown “stated that no matter where we go, he will find us and shoot the place up.”

“In the past, Chris Brown has threatened me and run up on me for not allowing him to bully Karrueche Tran in my presence,” La Cour wrote. “More recently, making threats to her saying that he will beat anyone that is friends with her.”

Brown has not responded to La Cour’s claims.