Chris Brown Friends Are Worried He’s Killing Himself

Chris Brown Friends Are Worried He’s Killing Himself 

Posted: 6:30 am Friday, March 3rd, 2017

By Estee

Chris Brown’s friends are worried that he’s KILLING HIMSELF with drugs.  Many of them spoke to “Billboard” . . . anonymously, of course . . . and it sounds like he could go at any time.

In fact, one source remembered one of Chris’ security guards sleeping during the day because he had to, “stay up late to check Brown’s pulse.”

His friends say he hasn’t been treating his bipolar disorder for at least a year, and for the past TWO years, he’d been abusing hard drugs like cocaine, molly, Xanax and “lean”, which is a combination of cough syrup and soda.

He’s also been operating without a manager or publicist, and caused a female tour manager to quit by threatening to beat her up.  He’s estranged from his mother, although she’s the one who cares for his daughter when he has custody.