Critics go in on Ciara after she release family photo

Critics go in on Ciara after she release family photo 

Posted: 7:02 am Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

By Estee

Ciara is getting some heat! She and Future broke up about two and a half years ago and since then, she and Russell Wilson have gotten married and she’s gotten pregnant again.

Even with the new baby on the way, Ciara can’t shake off critics that claim her every move is directed at her ex.

She appeared topless in Harpers’ Bazaar and while she looks beautiful, people are saying she is, for starters, taking aim at future. Secondly, that the pic is perverse since her son is naked in the same pic as his stepdad, Russell Wilson.

Some say she’s being disrespectful. One Twitter use said, “Ciara so disrespectful and I think she does this (expletive) on purpose to get a reaction from Future and to blow up in court.”

Another one said, “Baby Future is way too old to be naked in that photoshoot and Ciara acts like he really doesn’t have his own father, it’s so disrespectful.”

However, there are some Ciara defenders who say the photo is beautiful and shows the family’s unity.


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