Posted: 1:40 pm Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

PUMA Sues Forever 21 Over Knock-Off Versions Of Rihanna Sneakers 

By nigelsealy

PUMA sues Forever 21 because they were selling knock off versions of Rihanna successful PUMA sneakers at there stores.

According to PUMA lawsuit, Forever 21 copied 3  designs of Rihanna’s collection with PUMA in which they try “to trade on the substantial goodwill of Puma, Rihanna, and the Fenty shoes.”

In addition,  Forever 21 was selling a sneaker called “Yoki Sneakers” which is clearly the same as Rihanna PUMA Creeper sneaker.

Below are some examples,

Puma said in there lawsuit,

“In an attempt to ride the coattails of Puma’s substantial investment in and success with the Fenty Shoes, [Forever 21] is using the Fenty Trade Dress to offer for sale, distribute, market, and/or sell competing shoes that are confusingly similar to the Fenty Shoes. As reflected in side-by-side comparisons, [Forever 21’s] infringing shoes are confusingly similar to the Fenty Trade Dress.”