Chris Brown Named In Drug Investigation

Chris Brown Named In Drug Investigation 

Posted: 4:01 pm Monday, April 10th, 2017

By nigelsealy

Trouble always seems to follow Chris Brown whether it’s his fault or not. According to Miami Herald, Chris Brown and Lil Wayne were both named in drug investigation.

A music producer named Harrison Garcia is facing drug chargers and both Chris Brown and Lil Wayne have ties to him.

A federal investigation claims that Garcia text messages and money that was being wired for $15,000 for “drugs and the popular cough syrup-and-soda known as “lean” where being purchased to both Brown and Lil Wayne camp.

In a screenshot seen by jurors Garcia texted a woman about a drug deal he did for Brown. It showed a $15,000 wire transfer from Chris Brown to his bank account. Garcia said told the women “Look who put money [in] my account.” When the women pressed for more information on what the money will be used. Garcia told her it would be used for the popular drug “lean”.