Aaron Hernandez Dies an Innocent Man, Legally

Aaron Hernandez Dies an Innocent Man, Legally 

Posted: 7:07 am Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

By Estee

As expected, a Massachusetts judge threw out Aaron Hernandez’s murder conviction yesterday, meaning that he died an innocent man.  Technically.

According to the law in that state, if someone dies before all their appeals have been handled, the conviction is erased from the record.  Hernandez committed suicide in his cell last month.

Ursula Ward is the mother of the man he allegedly killed, Odin Lloyd, and she released a statement saying, “Everyone is looking for me to be angry.  But I’m not . . .

“In our book, he’s guilty, and he’s always going to be guilty.  One day I’m going to see my son, and that’s a victory that I have and I’m going to take with me.”

The District Attorney says he’ll appeal the ruling.  He’s arguing that Hernandez forfeited his right to an appeal when he took his own life.

Prosecutors also say Hernandez KNEW about this loophole, and knew that if his conviction was erased, the New England Patriots would have to pay his family the rest of his salary, which is around $6 million.  But it’s unclear if that’ll happen.