Posted: 2:11 pm Friday, May 12th, 2017

Eminem’s Lawsuit Over the Song “Lose Yourself” Against New Zealand Political Party 

By nigelsealy

Eminem has a legal  battle over his song “Lose Yourself” being used for a political party in New Zealand.

According to Hotnewhiphop, Eminem’s team filed a lawsuit because a political party did not obtain permission from the rapper to use the instrumental of “Lose Yourself”.

Eminem is basing his lawsuit over a song called “Eminem esque” which is similar to his song “Lose Yourself but the defense for the New Zealand is saying “claimed that soundalikes have become a well established means of ducking copyright infringement”.

The judge has decided to take 3 months to make his decision on Eminem lawsuit. The song is similar an can been a major win for Eminem.