Travis Scott Gets Arrested For Inciting A Riot During Concert

Travis Scott Gets Arrested For Inciting A Riot During Concert 

Posted: 1:15 pm Monday, May 15th, 2017

By nigelsealy

The Goosebumps rapper Travis Scott was arrested over the weekend for inciting riot during his concert in Arkansas.Travis Scott

According to Arkansas police, Travis Scott encouraged people to “rush the stage” and bypass security protocol during his concert.

As result, several fans got injured due to the chaos. Scott was arrested once his concert was over and booked inciting a riot.

A source in Travis Scott camp  told TMZ that “Travis saw available space in the general admission” area, so he encouraged fans sitting in the back to come forward. Travis had no intention in putting anyone in danger.

This is when Benton County 🚨 department declared the show a riot #freetravisscott @travisscott

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