PETA sent Rihanna a fake fur coat after she was seen wearing what appeared to be a real fur coat at an event 

Posted: 7:11 am Thursday, May 18th, 2017

By Estee

RiRi was attending a Christian Dior event in a knee-length Dior coat. PETA sent her a faux fur coat to replace it, and an open letter reminding her how a real fur coat is made.

The letter says: ‘We saw the numerous comments from fans who were disappointed to see you wearing fur at the Dior event last week. Like us, they wish you would please retire your furs and instead choose a look that kills but doesn’t actually kill anyone.

‘Please accept this faux fur as a gift from PETA. In addition, we’d like to request that you please consider donating your furs to us. Every fur item causes a tremendous amount of pain and suffering to the foxes, minks, and coyotes who are beaten, electrocuted, gassed, and often skinned alive by the fur industry—and fur production takes a toll on humans as well.

The letter went on to detail the harmful effects of the fur industry on the environment:

‘In the U.S. alone, fur farms are directly responsible for nearly 1,000 tons of phosphorous entering our rivers and streams each year, not to mention the toxic soup of chemicals used to keep animal skins from decomposing, which are hazardous to workers and the surrounding environment.’

PETA slams Rihanna for wearing fur coat and send her a fake one to replace it
Rihanna has been slammed for her choice to wear fur in the past (Picture: Rob Latour/WWD/REX/Shutterstock) 

It’s not the first time PETA has slammed Rihanna for her unethical fashion choices. In 2011 she was criticized for wearing an outfit covered in feathers.

*In 2015 anti-fur protesters crashed her perfume launch in Brooklyn, causing her security to intervene. *And last year a petition page was created to convince Rihanna to remove fur from her fashion lines.