Fans think Jay-Z has a new Album on it’s way

Fans think Jay-Z has a new Album on it’s way 

Posted: 1:20 pm Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

By nigelsealy

Jay-Z hasn’t had no new music for a while. But it looks like Jay Z might be up to something big.

Many fans are speculating that Jay-Z might be coming out with an album sometime this year based on recent pop-ups in New York with the number 4:44 and ads being placed on different music sites. In addition, the number 4 is very prominent in Jay- Z life since him and Beyonce were both born on the 4th and have matching tattoos with the roman numeral for four.

A fan posted on Twitter that Jay- Z was doing casting calls for a new music video in L.A.  Which leads many to think Jay- Z might be giving us some music really soon.

We will have to wait an see what happens in the next couple of months.

Check out the post below: