Diddy and Wendy Williams Squash Beef Nearly Two Decades Later

Diddy and Wendy Williams Squash Beef Nearly Two Decades Later 

Posted: 6:06 am Friday, June 30th, 2017

By Estee

Wendy Williams is known for being straight up and brutally honest even if that means offending people. Her harsh opinions gave burned a few bridges over the years, including Diddy.

Once upon a time, during Wendy’s radio show days, she made an accusation against Diddy calling him gay back in 1998.

This resulted in him retaliating and as rumor has it, had her fired from Hot 97 for it.

Now, almost two decades later, it seems their beef is water under the bridge as Diddy appeared on Wendy’s morning talk show yesterday (June 29), squashing the beef.

Before promoting his new documentary Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, which premiered exclusively on Apple Music, he chopped it up with Wendy, who started things off by highlighting their growth.

“I know I pissed a lot of people off, including you,” Wendy started, while Diddy nodded in agreement. “But this is a full-circle moment, everybody. Get into adult conversation.”