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Jay-Z Name Was Used In A Ponzi Scheme

  • 2:56 pm Monday, July 31st, 2017 by nigelsealy

A Long Island firm used Jay-Z name to get nearly $70 million from investors who thought they were part of Jay- Z Roc Nation.

It was similar to a Bernie Madoff- style type of scheme from Cardis International.

Cardis International is based at Cedarhurst in Nassau County and is being prosecuted for fraud.

An exec for Jay-Z named Briant Biggs has confirmed that the statement from Cardis International is completely false.

According to NY PostNY Post, “Investor Dvora Weinstein said co-founder Aaron Fischman lured her into investing $300,000 in Cardis” . At the time Cardis was in $3 million dollars in debt.

The lawyers [More]

Controversial “Bachelor In Paradise” star DeMario Jackson may not be done with reality TV

  • 6:58 am Monday, July 31st, 2017 by Estee

Producers are seriously considering him for a “Dancing With the Stars” slot.

Sources close to production tell us the show reached out to DeMario’s publicist weeks ago and nothing has been signed, but hard to imagine DeMario wouldn’t take this opportunity.

DeMario didn’t return to the ‘BiP’ set in Mexico following the oral sex controversy  with Corrine Olympios that shut down production, but he will be on the reunion episode.

A-Rod Gives Fans 2-For-1 Deal at Memorabilia Signing

  • 6:40 am Monday, July 31st, 2017 by Estee

Alex Rodriguez fans got a 2-for-1 deal when JLO unexpectedly showed up at a sports memorabilia show.

J Lo surprised the Chicago crowd at the National Sports Collectors Convention when 10 minutes into A-Rod’s signing session, she popped out from behind a curtain and sat next to him.

We’re told Jennifer sat there looking soooo in love as he signed items for fans — minimum $150 a pop — and she frequently stood up to snap pics of him.

Kanye West spotted in the Studio With Kid Cudi & Plain Pat

  • 2:43 pm Friday, July 28th, 2017 by nigelsealy

Kanye West has been very quiet about his upcoming album. But yesterday, Kanye West was spotted at a studio with Kid Cudi & Plain Pat. In addition, Kanye was seen hitting the studio with Migos.

We will just have to wait an see what Kanye comes up.

Check out the photo below.

Never Blow Birthday Candles Out Again… You Could Get Sick

  • 6:50 am Friday, July 28th, 2017 by Estee

See, THIS is why people are rebelling against things like “science” and “facts.”  Because they ruin EVERYTHING.

A new study out of Clemson University found that when someone blows out the candles on a birthday cake, it increases the amount of bacteria on the cake by an average of 1,500%.  And in some cases, the amount of bacteria can increase 14,000%.

Now . . . even with all that extra bacteria, the researchers say your chances of getting sick are still pretty low.  But if the person celebrating their birthday is a little sick, it’s probably best NOT to have them blow [More]

Justin Bieber Crash Victim Says He Appreciates Compassion JB Showed

  • 6:46 am Friday, July 28th, 2017 by Estee

The photographer Justin Bieber hit with his truck the other night made a video from the hospital, where he was about to get X-rays.  And he seemed cool with Justin.

He said, “He got out, he was compassionate, he’s a good kid, accidents happen.  Hopefully everything works out here.”

But he added, “I think the truck was a little bit too big for him ’cause there’s no way he could see over the front.”

Rick Ross Apologizes After Saying He Doesn’t Sign Females Bc He’d Just Have Sex With Them

  • 6:35 am Friday, July 28th, 2017 by Estee

Rick Ross made a mistake when he said that he hadn’t signed any female artists to his label because he’d just end up having sex with them.

He issued an apology yesterday saying it was “insensitive,” and he added, “[It’s] a mistake I regret.  I hope to use my mistake, my platform, and the community to create positive discussion to implement change on a very important issue.

“Respect for the ones who stand up to say ‘Hey, that isn’t right.’  Now it’s time to accept responsibility and all do better.”  That’s the GOOD part.  He also said, quote, “My comment is not [More]

Kendrick Lamar Brings Out J.Cole As Surprise in Detroit

  • 2:19 pm Thursday, July 27th, 2017 by nigelsealy

With both rappers being on tour it didn’t  not stop J.Cole from making a surprise appearance to the sold out Detroit crowd last night for Kendrick Lamar Damn Tour.

For years, there has been talks about a Kendrick and J.Cole collaborative album but there hasn’t not been on yet.

But with J.Cole surprise appearance for Kendrick Lamar  Damn tour could we be getting a joint album once both rappers are done with there tours.  Last year, rapper Ab-Soul confirmed that the two have been working on music for a while but we just have to wait an see.

Check out the Cole’s surprise [More]

Justin Bieber hit a photographer with his truck last night and put the guy in the hospital.

  • 7:09 am Thursday, July 27th, 2017 by Estee

Justin was leaving a church event in Beverly Hills when the paparazzi blocked his path, and he accidentally hit one of them while gunning his engine.

The good news is, the 57-year-old photographer is going to be okay.  It’s not clear yet how badly he was hurt, but we do know that his injuries weren’t life threatening.

Bieber got out of his truck and stayed with the guy for about 10 minutes until the paramedics got there and took him to the hospital.  The cops questioned Justin but let him leave the scene, and didn’t issue him a citation.