Posted: 6:48 am Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

Mayweather Jr. reportedly wants to pay 2015 tax bill with McGregor fight money 

By Estee

It probably isn’t a good idea to post about all the money you have when the Fed Gov is after you for your taxes.

Floyd owes for his 2015 taxes, but says he needs more time to pay. He thinks the fight against Conner McGregor could help him pay since he could be making over $100 million.

Mayweather is also asking for the IRS to waive certain failure-to-pay penalties, but the IRS says he does have the ability to settle the bill by selling some of his assets, so they won’t be waiving anything.

The agency has had several interactions with Mayweather in the past, reportedly filing liens against him at least five times since 2001.

The fight is scheduled for Aug 26.