Rapper The Game Comes to Usher Defense

Rapper The Game Comes to Usher Defense 

Posted: 5:18 pm Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

By nigelsealy

Usher has been quiet since the incident broke last week for allegedly giving a woman a STD.  The first woman who accused Usher giving her a STD was his ex wife best friend who he allegedly paid her $1.1 million settlement back in 2012.

Now another woman is accusing Usher of giving her an STD which she tested posted for an suing the R&B star for $20 million.

The Game caught wind of the ongoing story about Usher an timed in he said “Stop tryna tear n**** down with all this maybe bogus sh**……. Jane Doe this & Jane Doe that.. a week ago everybody were usher fans, now because of a health condition he may or may not have, its fuck usher, stay away from him, his wife should’ve done this etc…. 1/2 the people commenting in here ain’t even took a shower”.