Press Conference Held, Woman Who Claims Usher Gave Her Herpes

Press Conference Held, Woman Who Claims Usher Gave Her Herpes 

Posted: 6:35 am Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

By Estee

One of three new people who are accusing Usher of exposing them to the herpes virus held a press conference yesterday along with her lawyer.

Quantasia Sharpton says Usher picked her out at a concert and had sex with her without telling her that he had the STD.  She does NOT have herpes, but apparently, one of the other two DOES.

And one of those two is a MAN, who allegedly had some oral escapades with Usher.  An attorney representing all three of them says even MORE people have contacted her . . . so we could see more lawsuits.

Of course, it’s still not definitive that Usher has herpes.  All of this hysteria rose from news reports that he paid a woman $1.1 million several years ago after giving it to her.