Is Kanye Crazy?  A Countersuit Insinuates He Might Be

Is Kanye Crazy? A Countersuit Insinuates He Might Be 

Posted: 7:31 am Thursday, August 31st, 2017

By Estee

Kanye West is suing Lloyd’s of London for $10 million for refusing to pay up when he canceled his St. Pablo Tour and checked into the hospital for psychiatric care.   But now Lloyd’s is fighting back.

They filed papers saying there were exclusions in his policy that included a preexisting psychological condition, possession of illegal drugs, prescription drugs not taken as medically prescribed, and alcohol consumption.

They’re insinuating that Kanye violated one or more of those conditions.  But they won’t give specifics, in order to, quote, “protect the privacy of Mr. West from public disclosure of details of his private life.”

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