Beyonce fans get a punk rock album instead of her Lemonade?

Beyonce fans get a punk rock album instead of her Lemonade? 

Posted: 6:47 am Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

By Estee

Beyonce fans have waited months for her 2016 album Lemonade to be available on vinyl – but some were upset to find a Canadian punk band playing on their copies instead of her.

Thanks to an error at the Celebrate Records vinyl pressing plant, an album by Ontario band Zex, was pressed on to the lemon-yellow vinyl instead of the Lemonade tracks.

The band alerted fans to the mistake with a Facebook video. Beyoncé’s label, Columbia Records, has apologized for the error and is offering free replacement copies to anyone affected.

“Some people have been writing to the band offering to sell their copy to us, at exorbitant prices,” Zex guitarist Jo Galipeau told Slate, adding that not all Beyoncé fans are totally disappointed. “A lot of them have said, ‘Oh I like the surprise that I got on the other side, it’s good music,’ even though it’s not what they paid for.”