Kevin Hart’s Extortion Video Is A Travelling Stripper

Kevin Hart’s Extortion Video Is A Travelling Stripper 

Posted: 3:57 pm Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

By nigelsealy

The scandal continues for Kevin Hart and its starting to get interesting.

Over the weekend Kevin Hart sent an apology to his pregnant wife and his children. The identity of the woman in the picture is allegedly a travelling stripper named Montia Sabbage.  Montia supposedly met Kevin Hart while he was in Las Vegas back in August.

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Sabbage is claiming that she did not have anything to do with the filming of the video.

But authorities investigating the situation don’t believe her and are planning to get search warrant to find out who else was involved.

According to TMZ, the extortionist was shopping the video to multiple media outlets for a reported $15 million and told Kevin that he would need to pay $420,000 then she would take a lie detector.

Kevin does seemed phased about the ongoing drama going he was seen out with his pregnant wife Eniko Hart.  The photo is courtesy of TMZ.0919-kevin-hart-backgrid-4.jpg