Diddy and Khaled singing competition show?

Diddy and Khaled singing competition show? 

Posted: 9:14 am Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

By Estee

Diddy and DJ Khaled are reportedly in “deep negotiations” to become judges on the upcoming Fox show “The Four”.  That’s the competition show they launched after losing out on the “American Idol” revival.

There will be four judges . . . Diddy is the ‘mogul’ judge, DJ Khaled is the producer judge, and there will also be a songwriter and a performer.  And at least one of the remaining spots will go to a woman.  There’s no word who they might be yet.

According to TMZ, “The Four” will have a “contemporary pop” focus, with an emphasis on hip-hop.  It’ll sort of be like an ongoing battle, with new competitors trying to knock out the front-runners.