Pitbull, you’re a stand up guy. Mr. Worldwide for real.

Pitbull, you’re a stand up guy. Mr. Worldwide for real. 

Posted: 9:23 am Friday, September 29th, 2017

By Estee

You may have heard this week that Pitbull has been using his private jet to bring supplies to Puerto Rico, and transport people to the mainland for medical treatment.

One of those people is Tania Cristina Robles, a 39-year-old mother with cancer.  It started with breast cancer.  Tania had a double mastectomy, and doctors thought she was cancer-free.

But then they found two tumors in her brain.  She had one removed, and was scheduled for the second when Hurricane Maria hit, and the hospital went dark.

She says she “knocked on every door” trying to figure out how to get out of Puerto Rico, when a travel agent she knew hooked her up with a flight on Monday.

She didn’t know whose plane it was at the time, but when she boarded, she heard one of her favorite Pitbull songs playing.  She says, “What are the odds that out of all this, I am having such a great time and they put on the music I always play when I want to be in a happy mood?'”

Pitbull was NOT looking for publicity, but the plane manager did kind of let it slip to the passengers whose ride they were on.  Tania says, “I want to meet him, I want to hug him, and I want to be a part of his worldwide tour.”  (New York Daily News)