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Eminem Joins SNL!

  • 7:37 am Tuesday, October 31st, 2017 by Estee

“Saturday Night Live” has announced that Eminem is performing on November 18th, which pretty much GUARANTEES that his next album is coming out soon.

Chance The Rapper will also be HOSTING Eminem’s episode.

Cardi B  is on the cover of “Rolling Stone’s” ‘Hot Issue,’ and she dropped some memorable quotes

  • 7:33 am Tuesday, October 31st, 2017 by Estee

Cardi B  is on the cover of “Rolling Stone’s” ‘Hot Issue,’ and she dropped some memorable quotes.

She talks about how she used to re-write Beyonce’s songs when she was younger to make them “way sluttier.”  And she also said, “If I drink, it’s like, my man is gonna be around, and I’m gonna have sex.”

She also has this to say about fame:  “I cannot turn my life back around.  I’m already a public figure, I’m famous . . . it’s like, I might as well keep it going, might as well make the money.  People are always going to talk [smack] . [More]

Cardi B Graces The Cover Of Rolling Stone Magazine

  • 3:38 pm Monday, October 30th, 2017 by nigelsealy

2017 has been a good year for Cardi B  had successful hit song Bodak Yellow, proposed to by Migos Rapper Offset. Now, Cardi B will be on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine all with in a year.

But it wasn’t too long ago Cardi B was a struggling college student who eventually became a stripper  then now a rapper who is making some major money moves.

Cardi B said that she follows the trend “It’s so sad to say, and I don’t want to be the one to say it, but you gotta follow the trend. This generation loves to get [More]

The Weeknd & Selena Gomez Split After 10 Months of Dating

  • 2:45 pm Monday, October 30th, 2017 by nigelsealy

Justin and Selena Gomez spend the whole day together to hash things out. Selena who was in a relationship with The Weeknd has been spending a lot of quality time with her ex Bieber. Which lead many people to think is the relationship between Selena and The Weeknd over? Now, US Weekly  is saying the two have split up after ten months of dating. There hasn’t not been no word from either camp to confirm the split.

This past weekend Bieber and Gomez were seen going to church, eating breakfast and even hanging out at Selena’s house.


Offset proposed to Cardi B

  • 6:12 am Monday, October 30th, 2017 by Estee

During a Migos show in Philly Friday night, OFFSET proposed to his girlfriend Cardi B . . . and she accepted.

She later posted a pic of herself with her new rock and said, “I can’t wait to spend FOREVAAAA with you.  Lets make a lot shmoney and love together.”  (The Wrap)

Tyrese checked himself into an L.A. hospital after having bad chest pains

  • 7:48 am Friday, October 27th, 2017 by Estee

Sources close to Tyrese tell us he went back to his hotel after leaving the courthouse for the legal battle he is in with his ex, Norma Gibson.  In addition to the chest pains, he was dehydrated as well, so he decided to go to the ER.

He is currently getting fluids for dehydration and is about to undergo some tests to find out why he’s having chest pains.

His ex Norma is accusing him of spying on her and abusing their daughter.

Did Ellen DeGeneres Commit Sexual Harassment by Staring at Katy Perry’s Boobs?

  • 6:50 am Friday, October 27th, 2017 by Estee

Katy Perry’s birthday was Wednesday, and Ellen Degeneres posted an old pic of herself staring in disbelief at Katy’s cleavage.

She captioned it, “Happy birthday, Katy Perry!  It’s time to bring out the big balloons!”  In the picture, Katy is looking at the camera and smiling, while Ellen’s wife Portia de Rossi is cracking up.

But a lot of people think it’s inappropriate . . . especially given the laser focus on sexual harassment in Hollywood right now.  And she got slammed for it on Twitter.

Piers Morgan Tweeted, “If a man made this joke, Ellen would lead the cries of ‘SEXIST PIG!’”

And actor Michael Rapaport said, “Imagine if Cam Newton or [More]

Why is Cardi B’s Sound Engineer Apologizing to Beyonce

  • 6:48 am Thursday, October 26th, 2017 by Estee

Cardi B’s sound engineer, Ashby The Mix Engineer, might have been on the come-up after he produced Cardi’s “Bodak Yellow.” But looks like he make a rookie mistake when he leaked top secret info about Cardi collaborating with Beyonce.

We all know Beyonce is all about her privacy, so when the news of their collab hit the media, it probably didn’t sit right with her team. Now, Ashby has issued an apology to her on social media.

He posted a snapchat saying, “Public apology to Beyonce and all her fans unfortunately Hot New Hip Hop invaded my privacy.”

Although he took responsibility for the mishap, he [More]