Busta Rhymes Loses His Cool in Miami

Busta Rhymes Loses His Cool in Miami 

Posted: 5:33 pm Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

By nigelsealy

Busta Rhymes was in Miami part of Diddy Revolt Music Conference over the weekend.


But his temper got the best of him over the weekend. Busta Rhymes is face to face some guy who he has a disagreement and things get heated. The guy  put an arm out to keep Busta Rhymes at a distance. After that Busta Rhymes almost lost his cool but his crew diffused the problem before it went out of hand.

It’s unknown what sparked the altercation between Busta Rhymes and the guy.

This is not the first incident when Busta Rhymes has lost his cool. Back in 2015, Busta Rhymes lost his cool at a gym in NYC where he threw a protein shake at the employee.

Check out the video from TMZ: