Chance and Eminem on “SNL”

Chance and Eminem on “SNL” 

Posted: 6:49 am Monday, November 20th, 2017

By Estee

Chance the Rapper hosted “SNL” this weekend.  One of the skits was of him singing an R&B song called “Come Back Barack”, and a “Career Day” sketch.

(Warning!  The “Career Day” clip has questionable language.)


He also played Lazlo Holmes, a basketball journalist stuck covering hockey . . . and a member of a pro-crack ’70s rap group called the Soul Crush Crew.  (Warning!  The “Rap History” clip has bleeped profanity.)


Eminem was the musical guest on “SNL”, and he did a three-song medley of his new track “Walk on Water”, with “Stan”and “Love the Way You Lie”.

(Check it out here.  WARNING!!!  It contains questionable language, including unbleeped B-words.)