A Man Got Out of Jury Duty by Telling the Judge He’d Fallen in Love for the First Time 

Posted: 7:56 am Monday, December 18th, 2017

By Estee

If this guy was telling the truth, this is a great story.  And if he was lying, it STILL is, because he came up with one of the greatest excuses of all time . . .

A 54-year-old in Ireland recently got called for jury duty, and showed up to court for the jury selection on Tuesday.

He initially told the judge he couldn’t be on the jury, because he was going away for the weekend.  And he wouldn’t be back in time for the trial on Monday.

Then he revealed that it was a ROMANTIC getaway . . . and told the judge that at age 54, he was in LOVE for the first time.

Someone else who was there wrote about it online.  They said the judge had a huge smile on his face after he heard the excuse, and it WORKED.  He excused him from the jury, and the guy left.

Several people online have said it would be a great scene in a movie.  And one person specifically said it should be the ending of “Love Actually 2.”