DJ Khaled In The Works With Jay-Z & Nas

DJ Khaled In The Works With Jay-Z & Nas 

Posted: 6:39 pm Thursday, February 1st, 2018

By nigelsealy

DJ Khaled hold the keys to many things and now he has teamed up with Jay-Z and Nas in maybe a possible works for DJ Khaled upcoming album. But we will have to wait an see what happens with DJ Khaled, Jay-Z  and Nas.

On DJ Khaled Instagram he posted a picture with Jay-Z and Nas and said:

“A hip hop dream is now our reality. The language being spoken in this picture should be written in scriptures. This picture should be framed and put up in the museums across the world for future generations to appreciate. I’ll tell you while we’re smiling at a later date. Trust me you’re gonna love it!BLESS UP!”

DJ Khaled said: