Beyonce Wasn’t Having It With An Actress Flirting With Jay-Z

Beyonce Wasn’t Having It With An Actress Flirting With Jay-Z 

Posted: 5:45 pm Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

By nigelsealy

Beyonce put out her album Lemonade and opened up Jay-Z cheating on her with the Becky with good hair.

According to actress Tiffany Haddish who was part of the movie ‘Girls Trip’ she was at an event with Beyonce and Jay-Z. Haddish said “I was talking to Jay-Z for a little bit,” Haddish revealed. “And there was another actress that was there who was also talking to Jay-Z. [The actress] touched Jay-Z’s chest and Beyoncé came walking up like . . . ‘B***hh!’ but, she didn’t say that,”“Her demeanor, her body from the way she walked up on them said, ‘Get your hands off my man’s chest.’ Then Beyonce “started talking to the other actress and some other stuff happened,”

Her is the picture for Tiffany Haddish Instagram: