Ed Sheeran Has Inspired a Heinz Ketchup Ice Cream

Ed Sheeran Has Inspired a Heinz Ketchup Ice Cream 

Posted: 6:20 am Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

By Estee

Probably not the most appetizing thing to hear this morning… but there is a Ketchup ICE CREAM created just for Ed Sheeran… why? Well Ed Sheeran loves Heinz ketchup so much he carries some with him at all times, wherever he goes, so he never has to live without it.  He even has the Heinz Ketchup logo tattooed on his arm.

Ed is on tour in Ireland right now, so a gelato shop has decided to honor him . . . with a KETCHUP ICE CREAM.  And it’s no joke.

The ice cream is made with Heinz ketchup, then TOPPED with Heinz ketchup.

(Check out a video of the ice cream being made here.)

(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)