Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Broke Up

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Broke Up 

Posted: 7:19 am Thursday, June 28th, 2018

By Estee

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes never even admitted they were a couple in the first place, buuuuut we hear they’ve now broken up.

A source says Jamie and Katie were planning a $300,000 wedding in Paris, but Katie called it off because of TRUST ISSUES.

Apparently, Jamie was the one who insisted on keeping their relationship private, and publicly, he never stopped acting single . . . which included clubbing and being seen with other women.

The source says, “It rubbed Katie the wrong way.  It was hard for her not to feel jealous and worry about cheating, especially since Jamie’s a major flirt.”

Katie supposedly even had a prenup drawn up with a no-cheating clause . . . which Jamie refused to sign because, “he realized that being unfaithful could be costly.”