Are There “Family Guy” and “Simpsons” Movies in the Works?

Are There “Family Guy” and “Simpsons” Movies in the Works? 

Posted: 7:28 am Monday, August 13th, 2018

By Estee

The “Simpsons Movie” came out in 2007, 18 years after the first season premiered.  Will “Family Guy” finally do a movie . . . after TWENTY years?

According to a new report in “The Wall Street Journal”, YES, there’s a “Family Guy” movie in the works.  And a second “Simpsons” movie might be coming too.

There aren’t many details yet.  But the “Family Guy” one would mix animation with live-action.

It’s not clear when they’d hit theaters, or how close the scripts are to being finished.  But we heard last year that a “Bob’s Burgers” movie was coming in 2020, and it sounds like that one’s still happening, too.