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Beyonce & Jay Z Twins Were Allegedly Born Pre-Mature

  • 12:09 pm Tuesday, June 20th, 2017 by nigelsealy

There was a minor issue with Jay Z and Beyonce twins who were reportedly born a week ago.

A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on May 21, 2017 at 3:35pm PDT

According to TMZ, Beyonce gave birth to the twins last week Monday and “were premature and are “under the lights” to normalize” . The lights normalize the babies lower bilirubin in the blood to eliminate the jaundice which is normal for premature births.

Jay Z & Damian Marley Work on New Music

  • 7:31 pm Monday, June 12th, 2017 by nigelsealy

Jay Z was in Jamaica with Bob Marley son Damian Marley which lead many to believe he might be working on new music.

According to Billboard, Damian Marley confirms that he and Jay Z did work on music together.

Marley said “We did some work in the studio recently and he wanted to come to Jamaica to get a tour of the place” and  “He’s been to Jamaica before, but never Kingston. So he wanted to come down to Kingston and asked us if we could have been there to show him around and give him a tour musically, in terms of [More]

Fans think Jay-Z has a new Album on it’s way

  • 1:20 pm Tuesday, June 6th, 2017 by nigelsealy

Jay-Z hasn’t had no new music for a while. But it looks like Jay Z might be up to something big.

Many fans are speculating that Jay-Z might be coming out with an album sometime this year based on recent pop-ups in New York with the number 4:44 and ads being placed on different music sites. In addition, the number 4 is very prominent in Jay- Z life since him and Beyonce were both born on the 4th and have matching tattoos with the roman numeral for four.

A fan posted on Twitter that Jay- Z was doing casting calls for a [More]

Jay Z’s Foundation Partners With eBay for College Charity Campaign

  • 3:55 pm Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 by nigelsealy

Jay Z’s foundation the Shawn Carter Foundation is now teaming up with eBay to help underprivileged youth fund their college tuition.  Shawn Carter Foundation was started in 2003 with Jay Z and his mom Gloria Carter.

The eBay auction started a few days ago, the auction will include unique experiences with your favorite celebrities and a chance to get VIP experience to Jay Z 40/40 club. 100% proceeds from the auction will be going to the Shawn Carter Foundation’s educational programs and scholarship fund.

Jay Z foundation has raised over $4 million since 2003 for underprivileged children.

There goal “is to touch as [More]

Jay Z Signs $200 Million Deal With Live Nation

  • 4:46 pm Thursday, May 11th, 2017 by nigelsealy

Jay Z might be closer to becoming the first rapper to make it to the billionaire club.

He was in second place with Diddy with a net worth of $810 million.

Now, Jay Z and Live Nation will continue there partnership that will cover his  tour around the world. The new 10 year deal is worth $200 million the financial details was not revealed publicly.

But back in 2008, Jay Z signed a 360 deal worth $150 million that covered the cost of 3 albums, publishing and it made Live Nation and Roc Nation equity partners.

Will Jay Z be announcing a new album [More]

Swizz Beatz confirms new Jay Z album?

  • 9:55 am Monday, May 8th, 2017 by djnailz

Over the past year there are have many rumor of Jay Z dropping new music. We’ve heard about a response to Beyonce’s Lemonade, he got on Pusha T’s “Drug Drealers Anonymous” and got on the “All The Way Up Remix”, we were almost certain Jigga was going to drop some new music soon but we weren’t.

Those rumors have pretty much been confirmed! Check out Swizz Beatz’s IG post!

#SwizzBeatz confirms new music from #JayZ?


Jay Z Sued Over Roc Nation Logo on MLB Merch

  • 1:33 pm Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017 by nigelsealy

Jay Z might have to pay up.

The Iconix Brand Group that bought the Roc Nation logo from Jay Z for nearly $204 million dollars.

Iconix Brand Group is suing the rapper for putting his “Roc Nation” logo on MLB apparel.

According to TMZ, Iconix Brand Group states that Jay Z doesn’t own the logo anymore and has “beef with Roc Nation logo appearing on MLB hats, shirts, hoodies which was never approved”.

The company is suing Jay Z  for nearly $10 million in damages.In addition, Iconix Brand is suing MLB, Roc Nation, New Era, Lids and San Francisco Giants.

WHOA! Jay Z & Beyonce are worth is much!

  • 8:54 am Friday, April 21st, 2017 by djnailz

Jay Z and Beyoncé are the perfect example of relationship goals and a power couple.

The couple has been invested in many different business endeavors, and the two superstars have no shortage on money.

According to Fortune, both artists have a combined net worth of almost $1 billion.

Jay Z is worth about $610 million due to the latest reports from Forbes. His money comes from various projects including TIDAL, his music, Roc Nation, his production company with the Weinstein Company, investment company, and more.

Meanwhile, Beyoncé is worth about $290 million according to [More]

Jay Z Launching Champagne Costing $850 A Bottle

  • 1:03 pm Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 by nigelsealy

The constant businessman Jay Z has added champagne to his growing business.

According to the Bloomberg, a bottle of Jay Z bottle called A2 will run you about $850 a bottle and will be available to purchase on April 18th. There will be only 2,333 bottle produced and will have a special engraved number tag on the special bottle.

Jay Z business partner Brignac told the Bloomberg , that “Jay is a very strong businessman, certainly one that likes to understand what consumers want and here to build the business for the long term” and  “He always has a few bottles on [More]

Beyonce & Jay Z’s are…

  • 7:29 pm Monday, February 27th, 2017 by djnailz

Beyonce made the world freeze weeks ago when she announced that she was having twins. The singer was reportedly at a pre-Oscars party Sunday night and made a big revelation. That she will be finding out the gender of her twins in about two weeks.

According to Page Six:

“She was telling people they’ll know the genders of the babies in two weeks,” said a source at the party, where Beyoncé and her hip-hop mogul hubby were surprise guests.

But it’s unclear whether the singer was just being coy when asked about the genders, which can usually be known between 16 and 20 [More]